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Diary Dates 

Christmas Calendar

Wed 8 Dec - Bags 2 School

Wed 8 Dec - Christmas Cupcake Morning

Thu 9 Dec - Zoom Christmas Service

Thu 9 Dec - Went Valley Bake Sale

Fri 10 Dec - Christmas Jumper Day

Mon 13 Dec @ 13:45 - Starfish Nativity

Tue 14 Dec @ 13:45 - Dolphins Nativity

Wed 15 Dec - Christmas Dinner 

Thu 16 Dec @ 13:30 - KS2 Christmas Sing Along

Fri 17th Dec - School Closes

Wed 5 Jan - School Opens


After school club needs to be pre-booked and runs from 3-5.30.  Please email 



The DfE have launched a helpline to answer your questions about COVID-19 in relation to education. You can contact them on:

Phone: 0800 046 8687


Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)


If your child leaves school unsupervised, please ensure you complete this form.


If your child is due to start secondary school in 2022, applications are open until 31st October 2021. Further information can be found here.


Please make sure all children have their PE kits on Wednesdays and the below;

Dolphins - Thu

Lions - Tue, Thu

Eagles - Mon, Fri


Information from our Healthy Child Team for our Year 6 pupils can be found below.


Info Leaflet


For children due to start Primary School in September 2022, information from NYCC can be found here. Applications must be placed by 15th January 2022.










Week Commencing 1st March 2021
Timetable (items in green are attachments below)
Interview PPT Interview Worksheet Factfile  Biography 
PPT Plan Slide  Work 
Answers Clue Cards  Answers 2  Recording Sheet 
 Tim Peak Biography Biography 2 Wordmat Checklist
 Plan Slide Work Answers
 Worksheet PPT  Make A Palm Leaf   
 Book Review Plan Slide Work
 Answers Lesson Plan Lesson Presentation  Picture Cards
 Sentence Prompt      
 Plan Slide Work Answers 
 Lesson 23 Lesson 23 PPT Plan Slide
 Work Answers Colouring Encouragement 



Week Commencing 22nd February 2021
Timetable (items in green are attachments below)
Design A Planet Design Plan Plan Slide
Work Earth Movements Seasons Seasons Worksheets
Design A Planet Plan Slide Work
Answers Questions PPT Timeline
Story Timeline 2    
Book Questions Plan Slide
Work Answers Internet Safety Game  
Plan Slide Work Answers
Lesson Plan Lesson Presentation Le Corps Poster Picture Cards
Flash Cards Vocab Cards    
Lesson 22 Lesson 22 PPT Plan Slides



Week Commencing 8th February 2021
Timetable (items in green are attachments below)
Lesson 7 Sci Fi Work Plan Slides
Answers 1 Answers 2 Moon PPT Moon Activity Sheet
Moon Worksheet Moon Phases    
Lesson 8 Work Plan Slides
Ramadam PPT      
Lesson 9 Work Plan Slides
Answers Lesson 7 PE Challenge  
Work Plan Slides Answers
Lesson Plan Lesson Presentation Prompt Sheet Word Cards
Lesson 21 Lesson 21 PPT Work Plan
Slides Moon Buggy