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30/10/17 - School Opens

01/11/17 - Reception and Nursery Parent Information Session @ 14:30

06/11/17 - Pupil Photographs

07/11/17 - Lions Parents Topic Celebration @ 14:45

08/11/17 - Lions Trip to Ledston

Wc 20/11/17 - Parents evenings

23/11/17 - Non uniform day - Christmas tombola donations please!

25/11/17 - Christmas Fair @ 12:00-15:00 

30/11/17 - Bags 2 School Collection

01/12/17 - Starfish and Dolphins Trip to Eureka

11/12/17 - Christmas service at church 

13/12/17 - EYFS nativity @2pm

14/12/17 - KS1 nativity @2pm 

20/12/17 - KS2 Christmas carol singalong in the hall 

16/01/18 - Y5 and Y6 SATS Parent Information Session @ 15:45

23/01/18 - Y2 SATS Parent Information Session @ 15:45

30/01/18 - Y1 Phonics Parent Information Session @ 15:45









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In Lions Class this week...

Posted 29/4/2016

In Maths we have been continuing our work on fractions, particularly focusing on converting fractions into decimals. We have used our knowledge of place value, especially tenths and hundredths, to convert the fractions into decimal numbers. We have also been practicing a range of skills such as ordering, adding, subtracting and finding fractions of an amount.  This week we have been innovating the story of Pandora’s Box. We have been adding a range of alliteration, adjectives, similes and descriptive phrases to make the text more interesting. The children have been using thesauruses to develop their vocabulary. We have also been thinking about presentation, keeping our work neat and using joined up handwriting.  In topic we have been continuing to look at the history of the Olympics. We have discussed how we can use vases from ancient Greece as evidence of the original games in Olympia. We have also compared the sports from both the ancient and modern games, for example pankration, chariot racing and running events. The children made Venn diagrams to show and compare these sports.

Well done to our star homeworker…Theo!

Learning Log this week is ‘Tour de Yorkshire’. Maths homework is online and there will be a multiplication test next week: year 3’s – 3 x table, year 4’s - 6 x table.