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30/10/17 - School Opens

01/11/17 - Reception and Nursery Parent Information Session @ 14:30

06/11/17 - Pupil Photographs

07/11/17 - Lions Parents Topic Celebration @ 14:45

08/11/17 - Lions Trip to Ledston

Wc 20/11/17 - Parents evenings

23/11/17 - Non uniform day - Christmas tombola donations please!

25/11/17 - Christmas Fair @ 12:00-15:00 

30/11/17 - Bags 2 School Collection

01/12/17 - Starfish and Dolphins Trip to Eureka

11/12/17 - Christmas service at church 

13/12/17 - EYFS nativity @2pm

14/12/17 - KS1 nativity @2pm 

20/12/17 - KS2 Christmas carol singalong in the hall 

16/01/18 - Y5 and Y6 SATS Parent Information Session @ 15:45

23/01/18 - Y2 SATS Parent Information Session @ 15:45

30/01/18 - Y1 Phonics Parent Information Session @ 15:45









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Lions Class (Year 3 & 4) 

Lions Class are taught by Mrs Hursthouse and Mrs Wilkinson, and Miss Harrison is the teaching assistant. We have a brand new classroom which offers a lovely learning environment for the children, who are Year 3 and Year 4. In Lions class, we strive to provide a creative curriculum which builds on the foundations of KS1 and furthers the children's development as they to move into KS2.

Year 3 ExpectationsYear 3 Expectations

Year 4 Expectations Year 4 Expectations


It's been a great first week back, we've started our chocolate topic off with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we've been looking at changes in materials in science, making our own lava lamps and we've also been planting potatoes and baking!

Learning About the Human Body
Outdoor Play
Music Time!


Autumn Planning 2017


Summer Planning 2017


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 Summer planning 2016


This week in Lions class...

Posted 18/6/2016

In English we have been thinking about fables. We have discussed the features of fables, such as the characters and morals we might see. We have been looking at the story of the tortoise and the hare, as it focuses on a race. The children found that the morals were not to be boastful and that slow and steady wins the race. The children have begun to innovate the story to make their own fables. Some of the children have also written letters to the Queen, congratulating her on her official 90th birthday.

This week in Maths we have focused on measurements. We have looked at how to calculate the area and perimeter of a shape, as well as what units we need to use (cm or cm2). We have also been learning about converting units from cm to metres. The children have had to use their place value skills to multiply and divide by 100.

In Topic we have looking at the art of Keith Haring. The children linked his artwork to showing movement through gesture lines and discussed features such as block colours being used and minimalistic drawings with no facial features. We recognised his artwork as being used in the change 4 life campaign and discussed the connections between living a healthy lifestyle and the Olympics.

The learning log this week is the Queen’s birthday and spellings have been sent home.  

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This week in Lions Class

Posted 10/6/2016

This week in Lions Class…

In Maths this week we have been focusing on multiplication. The children have been practising using the column method, multiplying one and two digit numbers. We have also been looking at word problems, finding the important information and using column method to work out the answer. In English this week we have been continuing to look at instructions. The children have researched Olympic sports and writing instructions for them. Our particular focus has been on the organisation of the instructions and the use of bossy verbs. The children have also been editing and improving their work using the computers. This week in Topic the children have been geographers, finding out about the geographical features of South America, where Brazil is located. We have discussed the climate, population, language and attractions of Brazil. The children have used Atlas’ to label their own maps of South America to then worked together to make PowerPoint presentations about South America.

The children had a lovely treat this week when an ambulance came to visit! We learnt about the defibrillator which we are aiming to raise enough money for on Sports day. Everyone really enjoyed getting to wear bandages, having a look inside the ambulance and hearing the sirens!

The learning log this week is ‘what did you do in the holidays?’ Spellings and Maths have both been sent home as paper copies this week. 

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This week in Lions class...

Posted 20/5/2016

Well done to everyone who worked so hard in assessment week this week! The children used all of the skills we have learnt so hard as well as showing a great effort and attitude.

In English we have finished editing and improving our Greek myths, which we are incredibly proud of. Some of the children even chose to write a second myth! We have also been thinking about adjectives which describe the characteristics of the Greek hero Hercules. The children then used their ideas about Greek heroes to write an application letter to apply for the job of being the protector of Athens. This week the children have particularly used their skills in mental arithmetic and reasoning in Maths. They have also had to use their knowledge of mathematical vocabulary and a variety of calculations across all four operations. In Topic this week we have been practicing drawing skills using pencils. The children have discussed the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil and which animals live there, and then drawn a picture of the animals in the rainforest. We have also painted Greek vases to represent our myths. We discussed how Greek vases show evidence of the past and can tell stories.

The learning log this week is ‘Olympics 2016’. Maths homework has been set online and spellings have been sent home. 

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