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30/10/17 - School Opens

01/11/17 - Reception and Nursery Parent Information Session @ 14:30

06/11/17 - Pupil Photographs

07/11/17 - Lions Parents Topic Celebration @ 14:45

08/11/17 - Lions Trip to Ledston

Wc 20/11/17 - Parents evenings

23/11/17 - Non uniform day - Christmas tombola donations please!

25/11/17 - Christmas Fair @ 12:00-15:00 

30/11/17 - Bags 2 School Collection

01/12/17 - Starfish and Dolphins Trip to Eureka

11/12/17 - Christmas service at church 

13/12/17 - EYFS nativity @2pm

14/12/17 - KS1 nativity @2pm 

20/12/17 - KS2 Christmas carol singalong in the hall 

16/01/18 - Y5 and Y6 SATS Parent Information Session @ 15:45

23/01/18 - Y2 SATS Parent Information Session @ 15:45

30/01/18 - Y1 Phonics Parent Information Session @ 15:45









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Lions Class (Year 3 & 4) 

Lions Class are taught by Mrs Hursthouse and Mrs Wilkinson, and Miss Harrison is the teaching assistant. We have a brand new classroom which offers a lovely learning environment for the children, who are Year 3 and Year 4. In Lions class, we strive to provide a creative curriculum which builds on the foundations of KS1 and furthers the children's development as they to move into KS2.

Year 3 ExpectationsYear 3 Expectations

Year 4 Expectations Year 4 Expectations


It's been a great first week back, we've started our chocolate topic off with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we've been looking at changes in materials in science, making our own lava lamps and we've also been planting potatoes and baking!

Learning About the Human Body
Outdoor Play
Music Time!


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Summer Planning 2017


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 Summer planning 2016


This week in Lions class...

Posted 15/4/2016

This week was our Science week as we received a letter from NASA, asking us to design a prototype landing module which could be used to help an astronaut land on Mars. We labelled designs for our prototypes and learnt about the forces of gravity and air resistance which would act on the prototype. We also needed to plan our investigation, we wrote about the aim, method, equipment and how to make it a fair test. The children then built there prototypes from recycled materials and attached a parachute to it. We especially enjoyed carrying out the experiment, when we dropped our prototypes, which contained eggs to represent an astronaut, out of the upstairs window and measured the amount of time it took for them to land. We also had to make sure that the egg was intact; however some of the eggs didn’t make it and splatted on the ground! After the experiment, the children wrote about the results and conclusion, as well as drawing a chart. Finally, we used the laptops to make a chart to show the results on Excel. The children have all shown brilliant scientific thinking this week!

The learning log this week is ‘What I did in the holiday’ and spellings have also been sent home. There will be no maths homework this week. 

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This Week in Lions Class...

Posted 25/3/2016

The children have really enjoyed taking part in Sports Relief this week. We learnt about the people that the money raised would help and saw some of the stories of children from Bangladesh. This helped to remind us how fortunate we are and that we have so much to be thankful for! We also learnt a song about getting involved and pushing our own limits for Sports Relief. The children all ran at least 10 laps of the field which was 1 mile – everyone was exhausted afterwards! Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored us!

We also enjoyed taking part in the Easter service. We loved sharing our song about the three days that changed the world when Jesus died and rose again. Thank you to everyone who came and joined us!

In Topic this week we have been creating our own solar system pictures using oil pastels. The drawings included stars, planets, asteroids and meteorites. We focused on adding shadows to the objects in the pictures to show where the sun’s light doesn’t reach. In English we finished redrafting and writing neat copies of our nonsense poems and then illustrated them using a mixture of paint, pencils and oil pastels. In Maths we finished our work on money and the children have designed their own bank note.


We hope that everyone has a happy and safe Easter!

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This Week in Lions Class...

Posted 18/3/2016

In English we have been focusing on poetry this week. We have learnt the poem ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’ written by Spike Milligan off by heart using talk for writing actions. We have also boxed up the poem to find features such as onomatopoeia and rhymes, as well as planning our own nonsense poem. We have been changing the onset of words to make our own nonsense words and have thought of our own nouns, making sure they have the right amount of syllables so that the rhythm is kept the same. We then wrote our own nonsense poems and we are going to edit and redo neat versions of the poems.

In Maths we have been continuing to look at money. We have particularly focused on word problems using addition and subtraction. We have even had a go at solving money problems which have required two steps to find the answer.  The children have also been designing their own banknotes.

In Music this week we have been continuing to learn We Will Rock You. We have learnt another verse and have added more notes to the piece. We practised working as a class band to play the song together and have been trying hard to stop and start together.

We have also had a very special treat, when a theatre group came to share the Easter story with us – a big thank you to Parents and Friends for such a lovely treat!

Thank you to everyone who came to the class assembly this week, we really enjoyed sharing some of our work with you.

We were sad to say goodbye to Mrs Myers today, but we wish her good luck in her new adventure and thank her for everything she has done for Lions Class. 

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This week in Lions class…

Posted 11/3/2016

This week, our highlight has been performing our space play. Thank you so much to everyone who came! We really enjoyed sharing facts that we have learnt about the space race and performing the songs and dance we learnt. We are all so proud of the children for their confidence and effort!

In Maths this week we have been continuing to look at money. We have been focusing on giving change, using a number line to count up. We have also been looking at word problems, particularly problems with two steps. In English we have been looking at the poem ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’. We are learning it off by heart using talk for writing actions, as well as thinking about nonsense poems. We have been particularly thinking about the rhyming pattern in the poem and the children have colour coded the rhyming couplets within the text. In Music this week the children have been learning the song ‘We Will Rock You’. We practised clapping and singing at the same time and then added an ostinato which was played on the instruments. We performed the song as a whole class band and the children can’t wait to practise again next week.

We have also had two Faith days this week where we have focused on Christianity. We have been particularly thinking about the Easter story this week. The children have listened to and discussed the story and then written their own storyboards depicting the events. We have also done some Easter themed art work, where the children have used warm colours to paint a sunset, as well as black silhouettes to show the hill with the cross where Jesus died. They look absolutely fantastic! We are looking forward to learning more about Easter in the coming months. 

The learning log this week is ‘design an Easter card’. Maths homework is online and there will be a spelling test next week.


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