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30/10/17 - School Opens

01/11/17 - Reception and Nursery Parent Information Session @ 14:30

06/11/17 - Pupil Photographs

07/11/17 - Lions Parents Topic Celebration @ 14:45

08/11/17 - Lions Trip to Ledston

Wc 20/11/17 - Parents evenings

23/11/17 - Non uniform day - Christmas tombola donations please!

25/11/17 - Christmas Fair @ 12:00-15:00 

30/11/17 - Bags 2 School Collection

01/12/17 - Starfish and Dolphins Trip to Eureka

11/12/17 - Christmas service at church 

13/12/17 - EYFS nativity @2pm

14/12/17 - KS1 nativity @2pm 

20/12/17 - KS2 Christmas carol singalong in the hall 

16/01/18 - Y5 and Y6 SATS Parent Information Session @ 15:45

23/01/18 - Y2 SATS Parent Information Session @ 15:45

30/01/18 - Y1 Phonics Parent Information Session @ 15:45









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Lions Class (Year 3 & 4) 

Lions Class are taught by Mrs Hursthouse and Mrs Wilkinson, and Miss Harrison is the teaching assistant. We have a brand new classroom which offers a lovely learning environment for the children, who are Year 3 and Year 4. In Lions class, we strive to provide a creative curriculum which builds on the foundations of KS1 and furthers the children's development as they to move into KS2.

Year 3 ExpectationsYear 3 Expectations

Year 4 Expectations Year 4 Expectations


It's been a great first week back, we've started our chocolate topic off with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we've been looking at changes in materials in science, making our own lava lamps and we've also been planting potatoes and baking!

Learning About the Human Body
Outdoor Play
Music Time!


Autumn Planning 2017


Summer Planning 2017


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Autumn  planning 2016




















 Summer planning 2016


This week in Lions class...

Posted 16/7/2016

The children have been working extremely hard to write their own mini sagas for a Young Writers competition. We have been thinking about various historical periods and different people from history, which we have used in our writing. The children have had to think carefully about the words they have used as they have only been allowed 100 words to write their mini saga in.

In Topic we have been continuing to look at the body and in particular the scientific terms for the different types of nutrition that humans need, such as protein, carbohydrates, dairy, vitamins, minerals, fruits and vegetables. We have looked at diagrams which show a balanced diet of all the different food groups and how Olympic athletes might vary their diet differently. We were very lucky this week as Mr Thornley visited us and brought a model to show us different parts of the body and what there functions are. The children helped to put organs inside the body and we discussed which organs and muscles are involuntary and voluntary. We also loved listening to our heart beats with stethoscopes and putting together an x-ray jigsaw of bones!

We have also absolutely loved having a go at wheelchair basketball! The children very quickly learnt how to steer and control the wheelchairs, and then played a variety of games to practise their new skills. We finished the session by having a proper game of wheelchair basketball, where the children played boys vs girls. We also had a successful trip to the cricket ground on Thursday. The children really enjoyed getting to play games and cricket, as well as taking part in an interactive quiz and visiting the museum. 

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This week in Lions class...

Posted 8/7/2016

This week has been Science week. The children have been investigating what the effect of exercise on our bodies is. The children predicted that their hearts would beat faster, their pulses would race, their breathing would get heavier and that they would get sweaty. We learnt how to take our pulse and find out how many beats per minute (bpm) we had.  We planned an investigation and went outside to see what our heart rates were after different kinds of exercises. The children then made a table to show the results and we drew conclusions from them. We found the trend that our resting heart rate was the lowest and our heart rate when we had done the exercises was the highest. The exercise that gave us the highest heart rate was the side to side hurdle jumps. We were absolutely exhausted after testing so many exercises! We have also been learning about muscles and how they contract and relax. The children have looked at diagrams of cells and how they form muscle tissue. We have also been thinking about voluntary muscles which are controlled and involuntary muscles such as organs.

Thank you to everyone who came to the race for life! The children had lots of fun running and we were able to raise money for a great cause!

The learning log this week is ‘What are you doing in the summer holidays?’ and spellings have been sent home. There is no maths homework this week. 

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This week in Lions...

Posted 1/7/2016

This week in English we have been looking at persuasive writing. We have analysed persuasive letters and texts, as well as learnt about persuasive devices such as groups of three (adjectives), repetition, exaggeration and rhetorical questions. The children have started to write letters to persuade the Olympic organisers to include sports which aren’t currently Olympic sports, for example cricket, squash, bowling, mixed martial arts and chess. We were outraged to learn that some of these sports aren’t already part of the Olympic games!

In Topic we have been drawing portraits of Olympic athletes. The children discussed the different aspects of portraits, particularly focusing on facial features. We then used special drawing pencils to accurately draw and shade portraits of athletes. This was a task that the children found quite difficult but the results were fantastic!

In Maths this week we have been practising applying our skills to problems. We have practised the calculations that we use, including column and bus stop method. We then practised lots of mental arithmetic and reasoning questions. The children have been continuing to work hard to learn their times tables, we have especially enjoyed listening to and singing some multiplication songs.  

The children have also enjoyed baking this week. They have used their mathematical skills in measuring and capacity to weigh ingredients. The buns that they made were absolutely delicious and were sold to raise money. They also enjoyed making rocky road, although the best part was definitely eating them!  

Thank you to everyone who came and supported us in our class assembly on Thursday! We absolutely loved performing music and sharing some of our work! 

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This week in Lions class...

Posted 24/6/2016

This week in English, we have been continuing to focus on fables. The children have sequenced fables and then innovated and planned their own. We have also been discussing morals, how we can apply them to our own lives and recurring themes which we know from stories and films. The children have been comparing different fables such as the lion and the mouse, the grasshopper and the ants and the fox and the stork. We have been making sure that our own fables our imaginative, descriptive and that we have included personification of the animals. The children have enjoyed using the laptops to type up their fables to edit and improve their work.

In Maths this week we have been continuing to look at measures, lines and angles. We have learnt some new mathematical vocabulary for different lines, for example perpendicular, intersecting and parallel. Our favourite thing was learning a song about the different lines! The children have also designed their own posters sharing their knowledge about different lines.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported us at Sports Day! We loved putting the skills we have learnt into practise, as well as keeping fit and active. Well done to all the children who tried their best and a special well done to Green Griffins who were the overall winners.

The Learning Log this week is ‘Sports Day’. Spellings have been sent home and Maths homework is online. 

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