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School Day: 8:40 - 15:10

Diary Dates - This Week 

15/07 - Reception Graduation

16/07 - Reserve Sports Day

16/07 - Leger Sports Awards night

18/07 - Y6 leavers presentation and assembly

19/07 - School closes

2/09 - Staff Training day

03/09 - School Opens

Future Dates








If your child leaves school unsupervised, please ensure you complete this form.


If your child is due to start secondary school in 2024, please see attached letter.


 If your child is due to start Primary school in 2024, please see attached letter.










The Music coordinator is Mrs Cuddy.  Mrs Lister and Mrs Vizard support a range of music opportunities in school. 

Mrs Vizard come to work in school each week.  She teaches the children music lessons, develops events and performance and teaches private singing and piano lessons.  

Mrs Lister, leads the choir.  Mrs Cuddy leads whole school singing. 



Music should be an enjoyable experience for pupils and teachers. Children participate in a range of musical experiences, building up their confidence at the same time. They develop their understanding of rhythm and pitch and learn how music is structured, as well as learning technical vocabulary for these elements. As children’s confidence builds, they enjoy the performance aspect of music. Children should experience listening to music from different cultures and eras.


Music is taught as a discrete subject but also across the curriculum. Areas of learning, such as times tables in maths, vocabulary in languages and movement in dance can all incorporate different elements of music. Choir and singing in assemblies  allows the children opportunities to develop their singing skills and gain an understanding of how ensembles work. Performances, such as Christmas plays and nativities and end of year shows, demonstrate that music is important to the life of the school. Extracurricular activities, such as choir and peripatetic music lessons, also provide children with experience of making music. At Kirk Smeaton, we also benefit from high quality Music teaching from our Music professional, who teaches once a fortnight.


Please see the music policy.  

Please see the progression of skills in music

Please see the music overview plan